Business Communication Skills

business communication skills.

If you have clients, then you know that the most important part of dealing with your client is business communication skills. You want to make sure you communicate effectively, and correctly. Communication is the most important component of any relationship, business included. So when you are communicating with your clients think about the service you offer or have provided. What is it that you gave this client and what is it that you’re looking to gain information about from them? For example, if you are a website development company, you may give one call to action in an email, such as:

Please finish the following sentence: I wish my website would ___________________________ .

So what are we looking to achieve by asking clients to finish that sentence? In this example, you developed a website for them so you want to be sure that they are happy with it. But even more important is finding out what they are UNHAPPY about. So, by asking them to fill in the blank of that sentence, it will let you know the most important thing that they are not happy with about their website. This sub-satisfactory response is very helpful in offering additional services, upgrades and identifying problems. By giving a lead sentence fragment, I am ensuring my desired outcome. Information on what my clients want next!

Now, you may feel this may be “opening a can of worms,” but it is only opening a dialogue. The service is complete, so it is safe to assume you did a good job and they are happy with what they received at the time of service. But now you are asking what could make it even better. You are not trying to imply that your work was insufficient. You’re “touching base” as now your client has had time to live with your work and they may realize things that they could have done if they had invested more money, or allowed you to have a little more input on the project. So, the tip here is basically to be comfortable communicating in business and engage your clients by asking them what could be better about your services. 

Unless you consider yourself and your business perfect, there is always room for improvement. I believe there is always room for improvement in my services, and I strive to get as close to one hundred percent satisfaction as I can. But, that does not mean I am there or ever will be there. But I will continue to work towards that goal! You should as well! What techniques do you use in business communication to help elevate your company?