IfThisThenThat IFTTT Recipes Change

IfThisThenThat IFTTT Recipes Change

IFTTT is making a change. What we once used to know as recipes are now called applets. I prefer the term recipes, as I feel that is exactly what they were. You should take a couple for several different ingredients and make something with them. That is a recipe. And with IFTTT, it is a recipe for efficiency and Technology making your life more convenient. So, why are they calling them applets? IFTTT is looking to make their Technologies integrate with each other better, and while that means a name change for my favorite recipes, I guess I will have to have faith that these new names mean that there will be new technologies added and new efficiencies to fall in love with.

IFTTT is an incredible internet marketing efficiency service

If you are not currently using IFTTT, then you really need to get on the ball. IFTTT stands for if this then that and it is just what it stands for. If something happens on one social media Outlet or in many Technologies, then that will be used as a trigger for something else. For example, if your favorite Arthur post a new tweet on Twitter, you can have IFTTT add that tweet to a Google spreadsheet for you to go back and review. This simple technology is very amazing, as it helps me to better keep my finger on the pulse of many internet marketing Giants. It has streamlined several of my own internet marketing systems, and it just makes a lot of remedial tasks take care of themselves. And there is nothing more efficient than work taking care of itself, so you don’t have to.

So I would recommend you go to ifttt.com and set yourself up to build some recipes, or, at least. Darn it, I guess I am not quite used to that yet. Hopefully I will get used to it soon, as IFTTT is always a recipe for success.

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