Content is King

content is king

Content is King. When it comes to developing content, especially for the internet, there is a saying that just won’t die. And that saying is Content is King. And what the saying means is the more content your website has, the more often it will rank. And by ranking we mean the more often it will show up in Google searches. So, a lot of content, equals a lot of pages. A lot of pages equals a lot of search engine results. A lot of search engine results will hopefully equal a lot of traffic.The whole idea behind getting a lot of website traffic, is the more eyes on your content the more people you can convert into clients or customers. And this idea makes a lot of sense.

For example, if you were going to buy a new car and you went to the local dealership. You walk up to salesman A and you stand next to a vehicle you were interested in, and you say to the salesman “Tell me about this car.” The salesman looks at the car and says “Well, it is a decent vehicle, it has four tires and a steering wheel.” And that’s it. That is all the salesman tells you. Now, you walk over to salesman B, and you say “hello can you please tell me about this car.” And this salesman says well, you are looking at a 2017 Chevy Corvette, it has a 6.2L V8 engine with 650 horsepower. It has chrome alloy wheels and can go from 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds. The average fuel mileage is 17 miles per city and 29 miles per highway. The seats are leather and you will be extremely comfortable sitting in them. The sound system is an 8 speaker Bose sound package with premium sound quality as well as a bluetooth interface for you to stream all of your favorite music directly from your phone. The car has a heads up display system which displays your speed on the windshield, so that when you’re putting the pedal to the metal you know just how fast your going and can safely keep your eyes on the road at the same time!”

Now, I’m not sure about you, but for me I’m working with salesman B. He knows a lot about the vehicle, he explained not only features but also their benefits, and overall he just gave me more information to work with and make my decision to work with him. That is the same thing with your company’s website.If a potential client goes to your website, and the website says “Well, here is my list of services. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.” Do you think they will feel very confident with your company? I think your website may need to work like salesman B a bit more. Such as, here are the Services we offer. Here is how we perform the Services, and here are how our services will benefit you. Now, having more content that better informs your client will in tuturn lead to more informed prospects which hopefully will turn into clients. Also, the more informed and informative your site looks to Google, the more often your site will be shown in search engine results. It’s quite simple actually, the theory. But there are ways to get this wrong.

Not Just A Lot Of Content, A Lot Of GOOD Content

Once companies realize that they need to “feed the machine” as I like to say, and put more content on their website, they will often begin to build a slew of mass produced pages. They think, if “Content is King. I am going to throw more pages on this website than you can shake a stick at.” It is good to throw a ton of content on your site, as long as it is valuable content. If I throw 100 pages of content up on my website, but the content is thin, which means it does not offer any real value to the person reading it, they are going to bounce back from those pages. Which means they will be on the page for a second and immediately leave. So whatever increase in traffic you may receive by having those pages will not be a factor. Google will show the page in the search engine results, the person will visit the page and see that there is very little value on it, and then will immediately bounce back to the search engine results. This bounce rate will hurt your search engine rankings. Not only that, but you’re site can also get penalized as spam by Google.

If Google sees that you have 100 pages with the same paragraphs on them, or slight variations, Google is going to say this is duplicate content. It’s basically crap and we’re just going to ignore this site and not show it in the search engine results at all. And at this point when you do a search for your website you may see a message that says something along the lines of “search results completed with duplicate pages ignored. ”

Visitors to your site will also signal to Google that these pages are worthless, as they will see them in the search results and click on the link to the page. Once they land on the page and see that the content is worthless they will immediately bounce off your site and back into the search engine results which will tell Google this page stinks! It did nothing for me and my search continues. At that point Google will take note of these bounces and lower the ranking of your site as the content is not great. Google will see where the visitor finally ends up “staying a while” and that site will go up in rank while yours slides down. Or your site may not show up in Google at all! Ouch! You really need to have a lot of GOOD content. You are better off having 10 pages of great content to feed Google then having 100 pages of crap. This statement holds true MOST of the time. But that’s a whole other post!

So what’s the Affordable Internet Marketing Ninja Tip To Be Learned?

Look at your website. Which salesman is it behaving most like? Salesman A, or salesman B? Or a little bit of both? Take some time to review your website and see if it is really “selling” your potential clients or customers on your services, products and their benefits!